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Welcome to the Defense Tooling Locator

The defense tooling database program links the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) with the cast metals industry to build a reliable system for procurement activities. Working with both ends of the supply chain, the program has proven results in cost and lead-time reduction for DLA. The result is a stronger manufacturing supply base for weapons systems sustainment.

This database enables item managers and defense procurement officers to identify and locate tooling for defense parts that currently reside in prime contractor and sub-tier metalcasting facilities, thus eliminating the cost of duplicating tooling and reducing administrative and production lead-times for part acquisition. The development and maintenance is managed by the Non-Ferrous Founders' Society. Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) is a trade association that represents the aluminum and copper-based foundries in the United States.


"The AMC program is sponsored by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA and the Defense Logistics Agency, Ft. Belvoir, VA."